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Most Dynamic Sector of the IT Industry

Telecom sector of Information Technologies and Communication Board with an annual market size of 45 billion TL, according to data published by it is the most dynamic sector of the IT industry. The telecommunications sector which is the fastest growing in the world and the most investment is made for R & D and innovation, is also considered as leverage for Turkey’s economy.

The sector is transformed into a modern mobile technology where communication can be transmitted in a large amount within a period whereas it was provided by telegraph once. 4.5 service which has been used since 2016 in Turkey is taking more place in our lives. The speed of downloading up to 10 GB at the moment is a clear indication that you are already ready for 5G technology. At the beginning of the topics that Information Technologies and Communication Board attaches most importance is 5G and beyond technologies.

Special Solutions for Telecom

Every day, technologies such as internet, virtual and enhanced reality, artificial intelligence and Blockchain that allowed them to rapidly increase their importance enabled new business models to emerge. Telecom companies follow this change in order to be able to sustain their assets. In line with these technological trends, YapayZekaSoft tries to meet the business needs of YapayZekaSoft customers with the solutions specially prepared for the telecom sector. At the same time, YapayZekaSoft cooperates with telecommunication companies and aims to realize valuable business partnerships in different projects. It has partnerships with Telekom companies with its ability to provide end-to-end service in large public projects.