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New Opportunities with Digital Conversion

Today, digital conversion is, in fact, more a transformation of technology than, a way of doing business. Perhaps retail is at the head of the sector, feeling this transformation most closely and quickly. This new world, where customers can set the standard of service requests at the time and place they want,  provides a unique opportunity for retail companies to change business patterns and capture new opportunities.

In the focus areas of today’s retail sector; online chain shopping, omnichannel, personalized service, workforce planning, instant customer tracking, integrated supply chain, instant product and inventory tracking, cold chain, large data analytics and security, payment systems automation and momentary personalized promotions are among the outstanding concepts.

Solutions for Retail

YapayZekaSoft customer-focused structure; is contributing to the digital transformation of firms operating in the retail sector, organizing food, ready-to-wear, category stores and e-commerce.

Omnichannel provides technologies to provide competitive advantage to innovative solutions such as data analytics, cyber security, RPA, which are now very important to customers under personalization, integrated supply chain and pricing strategies offers different business models from faster, error-free and traditional retailing.