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Consumers are inundated with marketing messages in their email inbox, online, and by phone. All too often the messages and content they receive are generic and don’t meet their specific needs, which leads to low marketing conversion rates, poor customer satisfaction and customer churn. Traditional offer targeting relies on customer segmentation of marketing lists to target large groups with offers. Even with this segmentation, however, offers are still irrelevant to most recipients.


AI based machine learning models are ideal for offer optimization. Using AI, marketers can determine which customers are likely to be interested in current offers and only those customers will receive them. With AI models, marketers can use more data on customers including browsing behavior, prior purchases, demographics, household data and more to determine customer interests and intent. AI models can be used to create granular segments of customers using rich data and then to determine the characteristics of products or offers that each group would find most interesting. This can help the marketing team to develop content and offers that would best appeal to each segment which increases conversion rates and dramatically reduces waste in creative content development.