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Technology’s Role in Education

Because of Ministry of Education’s, Medium Term Program covering the 2018-2020 period, explanation  that the aim is to improve management processes and increase teacher qualifications, and as private education institutions can benefit from investment incentives within the 5th region in 2018, growth in the education sector is expected and new campus, school and IT investments are foreseen in parallel. In addition, the need for digital converters and analysts on the industry 4.0 platforms is thought to be closed with graduates of the technology education discipline.

Solutions for the Education Sector

With the increase in the use of technology in education, smart campus / school concepts are becoming more common. In this sense, mobile application projects that serve digital student / academics experience, paperless campus solutions, use of virtual reality and QR code applications, use of campus security technology, etc.  topics are expected to be on the agenda of the education sector in 2018.