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Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation

In 2017, 13% of the total market for automotive production and 2nd hand vehicles in Turkey increased by 10.9%. The new bag comes with the law; scrap incentives, companies operating in the Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ) are predicted to be in line with the 2017 results of the sector performance of 2018 with VAT exception, income tax and investment incentives. In 2018, it is predicted that Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and subsidiary industry companies will have a dream of Industry 4.0 and digital transformation processes. With intelligent production technologies, it is planned to reduce production costs and increase productivity and increase operational efficiency in supply chain with value chain. In parallel with growth in the market for second hand vehicles, customer experience gains importance.

Industry 4.0, Digital transformation and business strength, Cyber Security, Analytical, Blockchain are the leading technologies in this sector.

Integrate Technology Trends

YapayZekaSoft has solutions that address automotive needs and integrate technology trends. YapayZekaSoft meets the needs of the automotive sector by producing products from the projects it has done with global companies.

For example, it  works with Ford to create a digital twin of their factory. With more than 30 thousand equipment, more than one thousand robots and production control systems come in real time; and issues with production planning, maintenance planning and operation management  ensures that decisions can be taken quickly and effectively.