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About Us

Training Consulting AI Software

YZA is owned by Hasnet Ltd. Şti., a data science & artificial intelligence consulting group. It was founded in 2017 and formerly known as Teknik. We provide educational Applied Labs for data scientists, machine learning engineers, & artificial intelligence engineers. Our data science courses are designed to cover the gap between academic learning and demand in the market. No matter you are education enhancer, salary booster or career changer: we can help you to achieve the goal from scratch at the shortest time. As for business, businesses have been able shortened their training and mentoring time for employees.


The goal of YZA is to build next generation entrepreneur data scientist. Our mentor team is composed of experienced industry professionals. They understand there is a very large gap between theoretical study, certification and real job requirements in the current economy. In our Applied Labs, you have live people to ask questions to and solve your data science questions. What is more, we allow the student to repeat the class multiple times with different cohorts; we believe that learning to practice & ultimately perfection happens only when you are allowed to repeat the material.

Meet Your Mentors

Our mentors are highly experienced professionals. They have spent many years in the industry delivering various technology projects. They understand the skill set required for data science professionals to be successful at their jobs. They focus from the high level project scope all the way down to the coding and debugging for your programming requirements. Our mentors can help you get real time project experience, make you understand the data science development life cycle and help you learn technology delivery processes.

Our data science mentors do a complete code assessment of your programming & statistical skills and help you improve to obtain the highest skill level possible. In our experience, 90% of work in data science requires a mindset & mentality towards problems that only those with experience can teach you.